Organization & Management Team

Organizational Chart

Department Functions
President Strategic planning, business planning authorization and supervision.
Responsible for the smooth operation of the company as a whole.
Audit Office To identify deficiencies in the internal control system, assess the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, and provide appropriate improvement suggestions to ensure the effectiveness of the internal control system as well as for continuous improvement.
Sales & Marketing Div. Responsible for corporate image planning, maintaining and enhancing external public relations, corporate marketing activities worldwide, and analyzing industry data and trends. It is also in charge of formulating and implementing corporate marketing, product plans and customer service.
Research & Development Div. Responsible for the research and development of communication IC, design, sample verification, and writing programs for system testing and IC driver.
Operations Div. Responsible for product manufacturing and production capacity allocation. Planning and execution of quality control systems, general affairs and other affairs.
Administration & Financial Management Div. Responsible for the planning and execution of human resource management.
Responsible for maintaining information systems.
Responsible for the summarization and supply of accounting information, management and operation of finance and investment, annual budgeting, credit control, and stocks services.

Management Team

Title Name Experience Education
Chairman Ting Hao Founder of DAVICOM Semiconductor, Inc. Doctor, Business Administration, Victoria University
Master, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, UC Berkeley
Bachelor, Electrical and Control Engineering, National Chiao Tung University
President Nien-Tai Chen Former Chairman of HITPOINT INC. Bachelor, Electrical and Control Engineering, National Chiao Tung University
Chief Technology Officer Cheng-Fang Chiu Former Vice President of UMC Master, Computer Science, National TsinGhua University
Bachelor, Information Engineering and Computer Science, Feng Chia University
Chief Financial Officer Chun-Chun Yang Former CFO of C-COM Corporation Ltd. Bachelor, Cooperative Economics, Feng Chia University