Technical support

We have established a set of an efficient and sound customer technical support service process to ensure our customers are being well served.

Service Philosophy

Davicom offers top quality technical services with an experienced team and a highly efficient process.

Quick Responses

Working with local distributors, Davicom provides immediate service to meet customers' needs.

Focus Item

Serving customers' needs, Davicom works closely with customers to complete projects on target and on demand.


Consultation on IC Specifications

Davicom provides detailed technical information, including interface, driver support, and protocols, for customers' interested products.


Hardware Support

Davicom provides a single contact window to consult with our FAE for solving design problems.


Software Support

In addition to providing driver source code, Davicom assigns a dedicated FAE to ensure the driver to be successfully ported onto the interested platform.


Optimization of Product Design

With more than 20 years of experience, Davicom can help customers optimize their product designs as well as perform sample runs.


Mass Production

Once products meet customers' requirements for the mass production, Davicom will discuss production planning with customers.